Oxygen Reference

Vertex and Dirt Painting

  1. Once you have created a mesh group, select it and switch to Paint mode in the inspector.


    If the materials don't use one of our Oxygen-Dirt shaders, it will automatically begin in Color Mode. This will allow you to do standard vertex color painting, and will work with any shaders that make use of vertex colors. You can also paint into the alpha channel. Below is an example where all teapots share the same material, with a simple vertex-color multiply in the shader.


    Tip: Pressing [ or ] changes the brush size.

  2. Create grayscale images for three dirt maps. The colors for the dirt will be set on the material at a later stage. As with the MRAO texture, you need to color the masks red green and blue, then blend them additively.


  3. Set your object's material to use the Oxygen/DirtPaint shader. Assign the Dirtmask texture, and set the Dirt Colors A B and C to the desired colors for each mask. In this example, we'll use some green moss, black cracks and beige vertical stripes.



    When painting in Dirt Mode, the dirt colors can also be edited here on the Mesh Group component for convenience, as long as only one material is assigned to the paintable mesh.

  4. Select one of the A B C Channels and start painting onto your object in the scene view.



    Tip: Holding Ctrl reverses the effect of the brush.